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About The Artist

“Deep in the Hart of Levi lies the soul of Country Music.”

Now for the last 18 months, Levi and his team at Ace Agency have been working very hard to get his music out to the masses and bring some exciting and new content to the fans. Since signing with Ace, White Lion Audio has also enthusiastically signed on to work with Levi in conjunction with Universal music. The next step is recording awesome new material and getting it out to everyone. We're pleased to announce producer, songwriter extraordinaire Dan Swinimer of Manicdown Music will be also be working with our team to bring the best out of Levi's sound. Despite 2020 being awful in many ways, we hope the connections made will allow Ace Agency and Levi Hart to bring you some awesome new, upbeat and positive music and vibes for 2021.

With a deep and soulful sound unlike any other, Hart has been capturing audiences and hearts with his music for more than 20 years now. Coming from a huge family of musicians in the Ottawa Valley, it was no surprise that Hart also follows in the footsteps of his some of his family members. More notably his uncle, singer/songwriter Bob Webb who still makes an impressive dent in the Canadian Blue Grass scene.

Back in time!

Levi Hart picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and within 6 months, Levi had written his first song, mainly inspired by watching an episode of Rosanne where Dan writes and sings her a song. That was the match that lit the fire inside him. By the time he was 16, he was nominated for a YTV achievement award and had written over 20 songs. By the age of 18, he was the lead singer a band called "Horse N Around" and had opened up for the legendary David Lee Murphy.

Over the next decade Levi would hone his song writing craft and make his songs more relatable by living through them and experiencing all of the heartaches and love that come and go in life. In 2005 after going through some rough life lessons, he moved out west to Calgary AB with just a guitar, suitcase and a dream. He was more determined than ever to pursue his music seriously.

Within 6 months he was offered a contract with Outback Records out of Illinois and by 2006, his debut Album "Never Too Late To Change" was recorded in Nashville and released across Canada. This album and the song "Crystal Ball" would eventually get Levi his first top 30 song on the Canadian Country music charts. From there Levi decided it was time to go back to Nashville, but not before learning some more vital life lessons for the new songs swimming through his head. So after bouncing back and forth from Nashville to Canada, making connections and writing songs, in 2009 Levi released his follow up album "Faith N Love" and took it back to Nashville where he spent the next few months pushing his music to the American people in hopes of breaking into the Nashville Scene. Although signed to Outback Records, they were a relatively small label and were unable to provide the connections needed in the industry. So Levi did what any determined artist would. He spent every moment he could on Broadway pitching his music and singing his heart out with his new band "All Worked Up". Although they made a significant dent in the scene, Levi ran out of funds and had to come home. He did so, feeling beaten, broken and ready to put down his guitar. Or so he thought...

He keeps looking forward

In 2011, Levi found out he was going to have a little girl. It was planned and being a dad was going to be his new focus. He had pretty much given up on music in favor of being the best dad ever. Then that same year, music came calling again. Literally, Levi had gotten a call asking him to open up for the one and only Kid Rock, in Colorado at the Fillmore Auditorium. Seems Levi had entered a contest a while ago and forgotten about it. Kid Rock had actually hand picked the winner himself. Being a big believer in fate, Levi couldn't say no, but he wasn't ready. He hadn't played in forever, and more importantly, he had no promotional material ready and nothing to come back to and promote there after. Never the less, he accepted the Gig and flew down. After months of practicing again, Levi was ready for the show and performed a killer set to a sold out crowd. His fire was back... But the flame was small and he knew he had a lot of work ahead.

The stress of trying to get back into it, caused strains on his relationship, work and ultimately his health. Unable to cope with everything, he eventually lost himself in addiction and almost died. Music was put on hold once again and in January 2014, Levi finally took control of his life when he sought help and treatment for his demons. His was life was again for ever changed and he has never looked back. Like a phoenix, Levi was reborn and more determined than ever to rise from the ashes and prove to everyone that anyone can make it. It's no surprise his 3rd Album released in 2017 was called "Believe". He dedicates that album to everyone who’s ever felt or is feeling lost and wants them to know and BELIEVE things can get better. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. His 3rd album not only captures Hart’s raw talented vocal tone and range but it delivers songs full of wisdom and years of hard earned lessons.

In late 2018 Levi still didn't have the marketing team he wanted behind him. Although he had Outback Records they simply didn't have the connections he needed. As fate would have it, 2019 saw a mass of changes that ultimately would lead Levi down a new and positive path. Although the year started out with much sadness when Levi lost his long time friend Ted Stice, owner of Outback Records to cancer. Undeterred, Levi went out and kept pushing his music. This is where through the magic of the universe and a series of fortunate events, Levi met Stephane Ritchot, artist manager and partner in Ace Agency.

See what others are saying about Levi Hart:

“Levi Hart and his band are one of the most impressive new acts on the scene today. Their musicianship, showmanship and Levi’s unique lead vocals are stellar and, in my opinion, will take them to the top of the charts in the near future.” – Bobby Roberts, the Bobby Roberts Agency

“Levi Hart and his band are by far one of the most energetic and entertaining acts I’ve seen in a long time. It’s refreshing to see someone so passionate about putting on a show as he is about sounding good and making good music. This is surely an act to see!” -- Dj Ilon, The Bourbon Room - Ottawa

“He brings a high energy performance with some solid players all around. One of the most promising acts I've had the privilege of working with in the downtown Nashville scene.” - Booking Agent for Cowboys, Nashville TN “Truly the most entertaining act we’ve ever had!” — Booking Agent for Whiskey Bent, Downtown Nashville, TN “Levi made my already amazing wedding day 1 step better than it already was. His talent, and ability to entertain blew my mind “ Lindsey Dorian, Ontario Canada

Don’t’ miss out on a chance to see this incredible talent live; Levi Hart, coming to a stage near you soon!

"With a deep and soulful sound unlike any other, Hart has been capturing audiences and hearts with his music!"

- Stephane Ritchot -

A singer means nothing without his team. I am proud to present you the people who are standing behind me. They are contributing to all my concerts and events, and I am really grateful for their support.